You can trust Davign to come up with innovative solutions to your projects. Davign is currently offering these professional services:

Infrastructure Support and Engineering

From small business to enterprise, Davign's engineers are able to deliver mission critical infrastructure support and architecture. Our engineers have provided consulting and support to known Fortune 500 financial institutions across the globe. RedHat, Solaris, Fedora, CentOS, Microsoft, FreeBSD, and OSX are some of the platforms we are keen on working with. If your firm has any special project needs, don't hesitate to contact us and get started. Current and past clients include:

Web Design

Davign professionals can create fully functional, eye catching web sites and applications. If you're ready to make your presence known on the net, or even interested in giving your current site a makeover Davign's designers can help. By combining XHTML, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, and many other cutting edge technologies Davign can get the look and feel you have in your head out on the web. Even if you have previously worked with another engineer, Davign can quickly fill in any gap. Here are some sites Davign has worked on:

Computer Repair

When computers misbehave you can turn to Davign. Viruses, spyware, and malfunctioning hardware can waste your time and money. Davign's technicians can troubleshoot and solve even the most complex computer issues. We can travel as well. Contact Davign to have a technician visit your location to eliminate technical woes and restore productivity.

Security Consulting

We know security is a very imporant part of today's digital world. When your systems or networks are compromised Davign can help eliminate your threats. From investigating credit card theft to performing preventive security analysis Davign can help you get a handle on security. Because security matters can be sensitive we ensure that all cases are completely confidential. Contact Davign to discuss your security needs.

Data Recovery

If you are looking for data recovery the first thing you need to do is stop using the device containing the lost data. If that is your workstation, you should shut it down immediately and contact Davign to help recover your files. When you continue using the affected device, the chances of recovering your files goes down considerably.

Loosing data is a hassle, we know. If you have accidentally deleted files, accidentally formatted a drive, or lost photos on your flash drive let Davign help. In most cases we are able to recover lost data from FAT, FAT32, NTFS, and even Unix file systems.